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Scuba Diving Center on Madeira Island since 2006.

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About Madeira

On Madeira Island, you can enjoy a unique beauty in the depths of its crystalline waters and with a mild temperature throughout the year.

Diving Courses

We at Focus Natura offer a wide range of professional, training, speciality and recreational diving courses for all types of people. Discover all of our courses.

From: 440€

Recreational & Initiation Diving Courses

Have you never tried scuba diving or are you not certified? Here we have what is ideal for you!

Madeira Island

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Specialty Diving Courses

Increase knowledge about diving, developing new skills. We’ve put together every type of course you can imagine!

Madeira Island

From: 600€

Professional diving courses

Would you like to pass on all your knowledge to new divers? Become a diving professional so that, in the same way that you update yourself, you instruct future divers.

Madeira Island

Focus Natura

Come Dive With Us

Come and discover the mysteries of the depths of the island of Madeira.

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Diving Places in Madeira Island

The island offers several points of interest for those who like or want to start diving, such as natural marine reserves, shipwrecks, caves and a huge diversity of living beings that inhabit the depths of our waters.

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A nature reserve located in Madeira Island. Full of large schoals of fish.

Garajau, Madeira Island

Diving Place

Baixa da Cruz

Located in Machico bay. You can find black coral, rays and more.

Baixa da Cruz, Madeira Island

Diving Place

Corvette Afonso Cerqueira

The ship was sunk with the objective of creating an artificial reef.

Câmara de Lobos, Madeira Island

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