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Advanced Adventures

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The SSI Advanced Adventurer is the best way to experience multiple speciality programs without committing to a full program. Continue your training by becoming a calm diver, reduce your air consumption and discover the type of diving you like best. Get started today!

Training Facts and Standards
Minimum Age
Number of Academic Sessions
Number of Open Water Dives
30 m / 100 ft
Maximum Training Depth
Suggested Duration (h)

Advanced Adventures Course with Focus Natura

If you can't decide which speciality programs are best for you, enrol in SSI's Advanced Adventurer program! With this program, you can try a variety of specialities before committing to complete speciality programs.

This is the best way to experience what advanced scuba training is all about and how valuable it can be to your diving adventures. During the Advanced Adventurer Program, you will experience 5 different specialities. After a comprehensive meeting with your SSI Instructor, you will complete one speciality open-water training dive. With this experimental program in specialized diving, you are free to explore. You can complete the full Specialty programs at any time in the future and credit them toward your Advanced Adventurer program training.

Note: All courses and specialities have included the student materials in the student's mother language.

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