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Diver Stress & Rescue Course

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Learn how to identify stress, how to prevent accidents and learn diver rescue skills with this essential Stress & Rescue Diver Specialty program. Help yourself and other divers to be safe. Start right now!

Training Facts and Standards
Minimum Age
Number of Academic Sessions
Number of Swimming Pool/Confined Water Sessions
Number of Open Water Dives
30 m / 100 ft
Maximum Training Depth
Suggested Duration (h)

Diver Stress & Rescue course

The ocean is full of dive sites, but many of the best can only be accessed by boat. If you want to discover these incredible dive sites, become an SSI boat diver.

It's the best way to learn how to dive from different types of boats safely and with confidence. As a diver from a boat, you'll be able to explore offshore dive sites that attract forming pelagics and marine fauna that you won't find the near shore. You can experience the excitement of diving from a liveaboard around the world, fill your day with dives away from the crowds and sail until the sun goes down. Using online training and open water diving sessions, the Boat Diving Specialty program is the best way to learn.

This program teaches you all the skills and techniques needed to dive safely and comfortably from a variety of boats. Earn your SSI Boat Diving Specialty certification. Start today.

Note: All courses and specialities have included the student materials in the student's mother language.

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