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Equipment Techniques Course (no dives)

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Learn about dive equipment maintenance and how to choose and store your kit for maximum performance and durability. Get the most out of your investment with SSI’s Equipment Techniques Specialty.

Training Facts and Standards
Minimum Age
Number of Academic Sessions
30 m / 100 ft
Maximum Training Depth
Suggested Duration (h)

Equipment Techniques Course

Choosing and buying scuba equipment is one of the biggest and most important investments you will make as a diver, but it's easy to get it wrong. We want you to choose the dive kit that suits your needs and know how to care for it properly. With the right knowledge, you can get more out of your investment and enjoy safe and comfortable diving for years to come.

SSI's Equipment Techniques Specialty is the best way to learn how to choose and store your dive equipment. By working with an experienced and trained SSI Professional, you will learn in-depth information about the components of your Total Diving System and develop a thorough understanding of your dive equipment. You will practice basic preventative maintenance of equipment in your kit to ensure maximum performance and durability of your Total Diving System. Get started on this speciality of scuba equipment today!

Note: All courses and specialities have included the student materials in the student's mother language.

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